Perforated metal is perhaps the most versatile product we carry. It is often used in Natural Resources, Agricultural and Manufacturing sectors for filtration and ventilation purposes, yet more and more it is being spec’d by interior designers and architects as a material for many residential and commercial construction projects. Its reflective qualities, variety of opening patterns and the durability it delivers make perforated metal an excellent choice for uniquely interesting surface applications.  

Round Staggered

Product Description
Hammermill Options
Round Staggered Options

Round Inline

Product Description
Round Inline Options

Square Inline

Product Description
Square Inline Options


Product Description
Slotted - Rectangular Options
Slotted - Oblong Staggered Options


Product Description
Decorative - Grecian
Decorative - Clover
Decorative - Hexagon
Decorative - Octacane
Decorative - Tri-Square Windsor
Decorative - Y Slot
Decorative - Chainlink

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